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Welcome to the WordNet Solution project website

WordNet Solution is being developed in Computer Architecture Department, Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics of Gdansk University of Technology.

It is a complex system solution for WordNet editing, visualization and integration in outer systems. WordNet Solution is a system that evaluates the conception of cooperative WordNet database editing in WordVenture-TG system. With interactive visualization using Gossamer flash technology it allows exploration, addition and modification of dictionary contents using Web page or a standalone Java client application.



WordNet Editor

Part of WordNet Solution system. It allows WordNet database browsing and editing with the ideas of wiki.
You can check its capabilities at WordNet Editor on-line. If you have any suggestions or if you want to help eliminate errors send us an e-mail. Try WordNet Editor and share Your opinion with us. Feel free to check it out!

XVI International Conference on Systems Science - Wroclaw Poland

A paper describing Wordventure project, entitled "Cooperative Editing Approach For Building Wordnet Database", was published on the XVI International Conference on Systems Science, September 4-6 2007, Wroclaw, Poland.


Julian Szymański
Marek Chodor

Other developers:
Konrad Dusza
Łukasz Byczkowski
Andrzej Jakowski
Robert Kosikowski
Agnieszka Pudło
Michał Daroń
Krzysztof Korab

WordNet Solution was developed using open source software, if You are interested in obtaining its source code please contact us.